Saturday, May 30, 2015

Dalton's Graduation!

 Yahoo the day has come (Rainy Day) Graduation went off with out a hitch!  So proud!

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Busy times

 Yes, it has been a long time between posts!  Someone told us that when our children left high school we would be bored.  Boy were they wrong the boyz just go in different directions and you follow.  The Elliott's had a great ending to HS sports with a medal at State Wrestling.  Tabor has been very busy with the spring house build going on.  Everyone is designing a new kitchen with all the bells and whistles but he loves it.  Tabor is counting down the days when he can move to the lake permanently.  Tanner is completing his 2nd year at K-STATE and has landed a great internship with Buhler.  Buhler is a Swiss company who specializes in milling equipment. Tanner will be based out of Plymouth, MN when he is not traveling for work.  Dalton just has a few short weeks of high school left before he leaves for football for USF the first week of June.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Long time no post-STATE WRESTLING

I know its been a long time with no updates!  Well to be honest January was filled with all kinds of College Coaches trying to sell a pitch.  So proud Dalton didn't let the D1 sparkle and glitter swing his decision.  He choice based on his career and connection with the staff.  USF here we come and he has to go early.  Dalton will need to be in Sioux Falls by early June to start with football.  We couldn't of landed to a better football family than the #COO

Tabor has been super busy at work but loving it everyday and  he has 7 puppies to sell next week......hint...hint
Tanner just took a class trip to St. Louis for the Milling Science Club and will be on break the middle of March.
One last High School Sporting Event for the Elliott Family...STATE WRESTLING!  Dalton's team and Dalton made it as a individuals as well.  Dalton was chosen KNUJ wrestler of the week for his fastest PIN ever of 8 seconds last Saturday.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Undefeated wrestling in season

Dalton had a great Frazee tourney and Tanner got to see him wrestle for the first time this season.  Finishing up a few last minute things before our trip.  Looking forward to some warm weather and football!  No decisions on a school yet but blessed with many offers!  Tanner is home and filling in at the Mill and Tabor is loving his job and looking forward to joining us mid trip.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Undefeated and going strong

We have had a whirl wind of great football honors and we will post all those things once we get back from Orlando.  Dalton remains undefeated wrestling as we head up north to Frazee this weekend.  Excited to have all the boys home during Christmas break and what are the odds the Gophers are playing in the bowl game we are going to?  Lot's of travels in our near future so far.

Friday, November 28, 2014

Wild 3 week update

It is hard to believe that football has been over for 3 weeks now.  We are still wrapping up some awards.  The Elliott's have been busy going on college visits and we will finish up our football year in Orlando at the All American game where Dalton will play.
Tabor had lots of success deer hunting this fall and we are enjoys all kinds of sausage and jerky.  Tanner came home for Thanksgiving as we celebrated it with Grandpa and Grandma Elliott.  This weekend we will be at the Mr. Football Banquet as Dalton has been named one of the top ten football players in Minnesota.  Then on 12/6 we have our first wrestling tourney in St. James.

Sunday, November 9, 2014


 What an amazing season!  So many broken records and excellent plays.  Our run for a state champion title ended yesterday but we have some much exciting new to share in the up coming weeks.  Thank you to all who supported us and the well wishes from so many area fans has been unbelievable !  This week we have the National Honor Society Banquet on Monday night then Tuesday we are in New Ulm for the KNUJ player of the year.
And our BIG announcement today is that Dalton was name a finalist for Mr. Football so Thanksgiving week will be filled with fun activities including seats to see the MN Vikings.