Saturday, April 26, 2014

Crazy Update!

Well as the snow melted and we were all waiting for spring.........our well decided to collapse.  But we have a new well but we will need to do some landscaping as we had to get rid of the apple tree.  But on the bright side we traveled to Kansas City to meet Tanner for Easter and take in a Twins game.  We all enjoyed the hot sunny weather and got our MN burn on.
 Tabor continues to be very busy at work and they are the process of putting up a new building. Tanner has about a month left of school and is currently on a school trip to TX and will head to Boston for his internship in May.  Dalton has been doing some club wrestling and bulking up for football and has been on many college football recruiting trips. 
As for Darin and I next weekend we do our annual all-nighter!  That's right AFTER PROM party.  This will be my 7th year in a row and looking forward to only having one left.  Darin and I will be cooking a Italian meal for 50 students and then do the chocolate fountain/ Smore bar during the after prom party.  The whole family and friends are so waiting to open up the lake place. But they won't be any time soon if the weather doesn't warm up and take the frost out so the water can be turned on at the lake.