Wednesday, August 3, 2011

National Night Out

Tuesday night we attended the National Night out in Nicollet. The humidity finally broke ( for a few hours). We gathered up my athletes from school and handed out beads, glow in the dark necklaces and pencils. While boyz were busy mingling with all the little kids and handing out goodies I put on close to 100 temporary sports tattoos. Although each kid kept telling me the same thing.....Mrs.Elliott I can't wait for school to start.........really because I can. It was a very nice evening out and we got tons of excellent complaints. I am sure you can all tell who is in the Blue Morph Suit! He had a great time but did manage to scare a little boy half to death when Tanner asked for a high5. How about these beautiful blue eyed puppies that are ready for new homes? They are so playful now and I am sure the only goal they have each day is to eat the flowers off my plants!