Sunday, February 27, 2011

Elliott Boyz all PLACE at Section Wrestling

Wow talk about ending the season on a HIGH! The boyz all had an amazing finish to the season. Tabor placed 6Th (only wrestling 30 matches his entire career). Tanner finished 5Th having the most pins for the weekend and season. Dalton finished 6Th as an 8Th grader in section 4a. So we have some more hardware for the fireplace! Now the race is on to see who can gain the most weight by the wrestling banquet. The boys have made plans to go to eat at the "OLD COUNTY BUFFET" and clean them out. Well only a couple weeks off then its on to the next sport. Tanner starts track on the 14Th. ( yes he wants to run) Tabor and Dalton will then start baseball on the 21st. The first indoor track meet is on March 22nd and the first baseball game is April 7th.

Friday, February 25, 2011

18 year old!

Wow this past Monday Tabor turned 18. Yikes that means Mom & Dad are getting OLD! Tabor is getting ready to leave the nest and be done with High School.

We all know Bubba's passion is football but late in the season he is having some big success with wrestling. This senior is in his first full year of wrestling and is seeded at #4 in the section. Tonight the Raiders travel to St. James for a two day brawl to see who is going to state. Both younger brothers are both seeded @ 6Th. Check out for wrestling updates tonight.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day Wishes

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Sunday, February 13, 2011

A couple more matches left for the season. The Boyz are at the U enjoying the Gophers vs Penn State. Close dual ended in a tie 18 each.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Boys will be BOYZ!

We can't just have a quiet day at home. No let's put the neighbor boy on Dad's ski's and launch him off the snow bank. Well at least Pete got in a good run in the snow today. Glad to report no injuries! I guess their sides hurt from laughing.

Valley Conference Tourney

Our wrestling season is coming to a end. Yesterday the Raiders traveled to Sherburn ( almost in Iowa) for the Valley Conference Wrestling Tourney. All the Raider boyz had a good showing.

Tanner was back on the mat for the first time in over two weeks. Unfortunately( for the other guy) he faced the same wrestler from Maple River that hurt his elbow. That poor sole won the match but left with a smashed nose, missing two front teeth from the last time they meet and now will have to wrestle with a mask. On the bright side Tanner's elbow feels good so he's back full time.

It is truly so much fun to watch Tabor wrestle! He has only been wrestling for a year and wow has he improved. But he makes us all laugh when he knows he's going to win he smiles and waves to the camera! He's having fun too but can't weight( he's lost 35 lbs from the end of fb) to start getting ready for football. He signed his letter of intent with Ridgewater and is now an official "Warrior".

Then we have Dalton, those of you who haven't seen him in a while will be surprised to see how TALL this kid has gotten! I hope he grows into those LONG arms. As an 8Th grader he pull out some big wins and too 3rd place in the conference with only one loss. He came home with some nice hardware to hang on the fireplace along with a black eye.

The Raiders travel to LCWM on Thursday for our last team dual for sections and then its individuals on the 25Th in St.James for a chance to head to STATE. I sure hope this warm weather continues. Darin is off to Texas next week for work.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Whew! what a wild week and then the weather?

Okay you would think with all the snow days we have had lately we would have found time to update the blog. UMMM NOPE
This week the boyz have missed two day of school due to another storm. Let's just stay away from that subject cuz it makes everyone crabby!
Tabor had the honor of being elected to the snow court. As you can see in the photo's he's trilled(not so much plus he had to attend the dance)
Everyone is doing really well in wrestling! Tanner had some bad luck and hurt his elbow so he is out of a couple of weeks until he gets healed up. (another subject that makes everyone upset) For those of you who know wrestling Dalton has mastered the spellable. I hope to get a video of it tonight when we travel to St.Clair for a wrestling dual.

We are so looking forward to having a free weekend with nothing planned. Okay the only plan is for the boyz to blow more snow and haul more firewood. How many days till SPRING?