Saturday, September 26, 2009

What an amazing week of FOOTBALL!

Oh this week was a good one! Monday night we traveled to Cleveland to take on the clippers. Dalton had to face some pretty big 8Th graders but showed great success on the field. His coach mentioned him twice in this weeks sports article. The Jr. High team has yet to win a game but show big improvements week by week. Tanner played JV right after Dalton's team and squeaked out a win. Tanner lead the team in tackles again that night. Man is he an ankle bitter on the field! Thursday we had a HUGE VB match and the boyz were awesome and all came dressed like crazy RAIDER fans. Then we finished off the week with a big win over JWP. Bubba was spot on and no one got to his QB! Hey Coach can we get a little love for the O-Line this week? Tanner got to see some varsity time as well tonight going in the 3rd quarter for a series and then played the last 7 mins of the 4Th. Our no hurtle offense seem to stump the Bulldogs with Raiders winning 54 to 14. The boyz celebrated the win by a trip for Perkins for pancakes, I think this could become a habit. Next week will be very busy with games on Monday night for Tanner & Dalton, Thursday Dalton has another game then Friday we have Hills-Beverly Creek coming to town.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Protect your QB

As you can tell my the black & white photo's the Raider's had a rough night with Edgerton. At the half we lead 7-0. They just out lasted us in the 4Th quarter. The boyz didn't hang their heads but rather learned a big lesson that will carry them through the season. We want to thank all the fans who spent many many hours on the road and in a bus to cheer us on! NHS brought 51 fans on the bus. Grandpa & Grandma made a long trip too. As we prepare for next week this loss will be a vivid reminder of how we play the game of football. Raider MEN play with respect for the game and the other team. Cheap shots are for losers and Good sportsman don't play that way. Another time another day we'll get a rematch and the out come will be a different story. The photos will be in color.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Lady Raiders!

We gotta give the girls some love! Our VB team is 10-0 and will face a tough challenge trying to top off MCW who is ranked 7Th in the state Tuesday night at home. The girls made t-shirts for all the boyz to wear at the vb games & the girls have made every football game to support us so it's time to return the favor! Way to go Lady Raiders!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

JV & Jr.High have 1st game!

There is not doubt about it feels good to win but...... to watch our son go out and face kids twice the size and weight and just stick it to them every play. Now that is something to brag about! The scoreboard didn't show a win but man did those kids play hard. Dalton played QB tonight and aired it out a few times and had 8 tackles as well. It was a very warm afternoon getting up to 91* and Dalton needed to play both ends of the ball. Jr. High will play again in Cleveland on Monday. Tanner stuck it to those 6 foot Jr. boys all night long! Tanner lead his team in tackles. He never came out of the game all night long! IF he keeps this up he'll find some playing time on Varsity. JV was able to score twice on GHEC but they wanted some redemption from the kicking they took from Varsity this past Friday night. JV plays on Monday night after the Jr. High. Friday afternoon we hit the road for that 3 plus hour bus ride to Ellsworth. A win would be nice but we are just hoping to leave healthy and get a score or two. GO RAIDERS!

Friday, September 11, 2009


Undefeated! 20-0 a Perfect Parents night! Mom didn't get very many pictures she was busy making sure everything was going smoothly. This is two weeks in a row we have dealt a shut out! Amazing plays by all of the boyz! Next week we travel to Edgerton/Ellsworth and if you are wondering it is a 2.5 hour drive one way. Thanks for taking some pictures Grandma!


The Raider's have a home opener w/GHEC tonight at 7. It is also parents night so we have a bon fire planned for after the game. Last year we played GHEC in the conference finals we lost by 2 pt. in double overtime! HERE is our second chance.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Class Officers for 2009-2010

Looks like the boyz are going to be political this who would they get that from????

Class President for the 7Th grade is Dalton Elliott
Class President for the 9Th grade is Tanner Elliott
Class Treasurer for the 11Th grade is Tabor Elliott

It should be an interesting year!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

OFF to School !

The boyz are off to the 1st day of school! No they no longer skip down the driveway to get on the bus. But rather slowly stagger out the door then to the truck. We are still pretty lucky they all like school but they find it unnecessary that their mom must take a 1st day of school photo every year. This year Tabor is a Junior, Tanner a freshmen and Dalton a 7Th grader!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Quick trip to the farm

We made a quick trip to the farm this weekend to pick up a BIG load of wood. It's hard to believe but I think Grandpa will be combining beans in two weeks. We stopped to see Khloe and this big girl is going to turn 1 next month on the 5Th of October. Where does the time go? She has an assortment of doll's that she carried around. Then Grandma grew this whooper of a English cucumber! We should have taken this to the state fair. We used it to serve salad and pickles out of. Unbelievable our garden doesn't have anything like that but let me tell you the boyz will be looking for something to out do Grandma's cuke! Maybe they can find a gourd that looks like Obama or Farve.

Thursday, September 3, 2009


Big night for the Raiders! Just a quick look at the final scoreboard~ and we are off to celebrate!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


One day left until game day! We eat sleep and talk plays and blocking schemes.