Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Long time no post-STATE WRESTLING

I know its been a long time with no updates!  Well to be honest January was filled with all kinds of College Coaches trying to sell a pitch.  So proud Dalton didn't let the D1 sparkle and glitter swing his decision.  He choice based on his career and connection with the staff.  USF here we come and he has to go early.  Dalton will need to be in Sioux Falls by early June to start with football.  We couldn't of landed to a better football family than the #COO

Tabor has been super busy at work but loving it everyday and  he has 7 puppies to sell next week......hint...hint
Tanner just took a class trip to St. Louis for the Milling Science Club and will be on break the middle of March.
One last High School Sporting Event for the Elliott Family...STATE WRESTLING!  Dalton's team and Dalton made it as a individuals as well.  Dalton was chosen KNUJ wrestler of the week for his fastest PIN ever of 8 seconds last Saturday.