Sunday, August 26, 2012

Snapshots from the scrimmage....Game on Thursday

Tanner & Dalton next to each other
Dalton throwing a moneyball
2012 Captains
Tanner at the bottom of the pile bringing the reciever down!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012


2012 Raider Team
Bro Hand me the ball!

Alumni Scrimmage Tabor in Grey
Wow what a difference a new computer makes.  Pretty odd that my parents and our computer crashes on the same night we have a little thunderstorm!  So well let's get caught up on what the boys are doing..........Football has started.....Darin still coaching the line.  Dalton is over 6 foot now and getting some press about the upcoming season.  Tanner is looking to have a great season and applied for Kansas State and will major in milling science.  Tabor has had a rough August!  At his physical he found out he as juvenile arthritis in both knees.  And one week later he had to have his jaw dislocated to remove his wisdom teeth.   Well but the good news is college starts on Monday and is all moved in to his new house with his chosen roommate's(yeah for the 2nd yr).  He will be able to come home some weekends to help do some stats during the game.  As for myself I pray everyday that they all just stay healthy and I will blink and it will be Thanksgiving!