Saturday, December 31, 2011

stick a fork in it! The desktop pc is done.

I has been a long time. Well after 7 yrs our desktop computer has died and that is the one I use to blog! OH well one of my techie kids can shop for a new one. Cuz we all know
As always the boyz are keeping us pretty busy. Football ended and we are still healing our wounds but have moved on to wrestling big time! Tanner has taken some time to heal the bone bruise and rip in mcl and is just getting into it again. Tanner recently won the Excel award at school for grades and community involvement. Dalton is leading the team in pins and wins with a 9-4 record. Next week Dalton will lead his knowledge bowl team in the regional meet in Mankato. Tabor has been home on break and working at the mill 24/7 until the 8Th of January. And has a full load of 19 credits for next semester and great news he has made the deans list. Everyone is doing very well and looking forward to 2012. Darin and I have starting making our own wine with another couple. Basically a reason to get together every 4 to 6 weeks and play this great game loaded questions. Darin is pretty sure he is responsible to the super nice weather! We bought a new lawn tractor with a snow blower attachment for up by the house and 2 newer than 1980's snow! Well I think is was all the brand new windows we put in the south side of our home. What every the reason we are so thankful. Best wishes to you and your family for a healthy 2012!