Saturday, October 31, 2009

Trick or Treat Clippers?

We had a blast on Halloween Night & we treated the Clippers to a LOSS! Ya -HOOOOOO! Well we started off very sluggish and slow but then we got our game on and pumpkin blasted them 35-12. So this Friday we host St.Clair for the section championship for our chance to go to STATE! You can hear a live broadcast of our game on the net if you go to, then click on Listen Live. I can't wait for our first state game, somebody else can be in charge and I'll be taken pic's.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Wow what a week!

Well we were pretty busy this week.......Mom's office at school was over run with athletic tape, dummies dressed in wrestling gear and the GOT MILK KID. She got tons of cards and gifts and a few good jokes. And here it is .......our new football photo. Just two more games and we can print it in the STATE tournament. The rain has kept us in the gym this week but we are ready to trick & treat Cleveland to a LOSS! Party at the Elliott's

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Birthday boy!

Today we live in a house of teenagers! Dalton John Lawrence turned 13 years old today. It's hard to believe this peanut butter hater is in the 7Th grade and on the honor roll. Besides being very competitive in sports Dalton has a soft side as well, everyday he tells his mother "Luv U to Ma". Dalton also has a wicked addiction to fiction books the more twisted mystery the better. Dalton is on the Jr.High Knowledge bowl team and class president. Some thing that may surprise you about Dalton is that he is a great cookie baker! He'll crank out a batch of Great Grandma's cookies just cuz. Like his older brother Tabor, Dalton is a Food Junky the spicier the better. We celebrated Dalton's B-day by going to a Maverick hockey game and a DQ ice cream cake. How do you like that candle on that cake? We don't do anything small in the Elliott house. Happy Birthday Dalton, love Mom & Dad.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

This one stings a bit!

This loss is one the boyz will remember for sometime. It was a great game to watch but some mistakes and penalties cost us a win. The team knew they could have beat these guys. We had a small crowd that night to watch the Raiders but Colin & Justin braved the cool windy weather to come see Tabor play. Wow they made it the whole game good job guys! Well we are #1 seed for the playoffs and will host on Halloween Night ! We are already working on a bag of tricks for the next team. When we win on the 31st , we will host again on the 6Th of November. Then its time to pack up the bus and head to Rochester for semi-state game on the 13Th. An amazing fall for Raider sports, the girls volleyball will host a playoff game on the 29th they are ranked #2. GO RAIDERS! (it is keeping MOM pretty busy)

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

64* and Sunny What a Great Day for FOOTBALL

Dalton finished his Jr. High football season on Monday. We couldn't be prouder of how he handled himself. It wasn't easy playing both sides of the ball and playing with only 5 other teammates who had ever played football before. He kept his cool and held back his emotions very well. They scored touchdowns and even got a few 1st downs but never found a win. But they all had a good time! If I had a quarter for every time someone told me man does your kid have a arm on him! And he didn't want to play QB but he did. Dalton will continue to go to Varsity practice to help out and you will see him on the sidelines being ball boy. Please God let us be playing football for Thanksgiving! Tonight we have Westbrook/Walnut Grove they are 7-0, last year they took it to us by 40 plus points. BUT........tonight will be a different story!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

TriPod & SidePork from the fence to the FREEZER

From the fence to the freezer, we took advantage of MEA break to take the little piggies to the market. With a little help from the boys both freezers are full. Now were off to cut fire wood. Aren't these long weekends great for relaxing and spending some quality time with family?

Thursday, October 15, 2009

YaHOO! We are 6-1

It was 32-0 in the 2ND quarter and we started to sub from that point on. Our goal last night was to get everyone in as much as possible and try different formations and boyz at different positions. Tanner and Bubba (very top photo) got to be in the D-line together. Tanner received his 1St varsity interception! That Zebra was in my way most of the night and I did tell him that he wasn't very photogenic. Then the next time Tanner was out on defense he almost gets another one!(bobbled the ball) Tabor gave Jordan tons of time to work the ball and we officially have the home playoff rights. The starters enjoyed standing in the rain having the 2ND half off but we are already planing for Tuesday nights game at home against Westbrook/Walnut Grove. The boyz have MEA break from school but not from practice which is a 9 am both Thursday and Friday!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Tis the Season~~~~~~Hunting Season

We had a wonderful Pheasant Opener! The weather was cold and wet but the dogs were spot on. This year we took Tabor's buddy Turbo(Taylor R #54 d-line) he had a blast. We got to celebrate Grandma's bday and ate great food all weekend. Okay when can we head back???

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!!

20-12 we beat the Knights to put a perfect end to Homecoming week! It feels really good to go to Madelia next Wednesday being 5-1. This means we will get a home seed for playoffs. So plan for a big time TRICK or TREAT on Halloween night on the football field in Nicollet! This year Mom was a chaparone at the dance and it was a good time. As we look to next week.....Jr. High & JV football Monday night in Alden. Tuesday home volleyball and Wednesday we are going to put a whoopin on Madelia. Then we have MEA break on Thursday & Friday.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Raider Day!

Well "Homecoming Week" is coming to an end today. The boyz have a large pep fest today at 1:15. Then they have a team meal after school followed by a tailgate party . The boyz are looking for a big VICTORY tonight against the knights. Come on everybody lets hear a RAIDER ROAR!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Great Grandpa CJ

For all the stories that were never to be told,back to a time when all the boyz were so much younger. We knew a man whose kindness touched the hearts of many,and he would often make us all those wonderful hand made gifts of love. Yes his heart was pure gold forged from out of love,right from the hands of the almighty who sits high above. He loved and cared for all those that he knew,His family, friends and most of all you,Many happy memories We carry within our hearts,Vowed never to forget and never to be apart,As the boyz would look up to this man with great awe,For you see he was our friend and he was our Great Grandpa. And "no" Grandpa I don't have my potatoes dug yet but you can bet I'll have them planted this up coming year by "Good Friday". May your body rest in peace but all those stories you could not tell us this year we can hear them now in our hearts every day. Love, Tamara

Sunday, October 4, 2009

OH the scoreboard pic

Oh my gosh~ Thank You~ Thank You~
A wonderful lady named Barb Holmin was kind enough to take this photo is the rain and send it to me. We are hoping and praying that we see the same score for this Friday nights homecoming game against Alden /Conger! The boyz gave a busy week of homecoming events planned, but the prize will be a win on Friday.

Saturday, October 3, 2009


This is the only photo from Friday's game with Hills! 2.5 inches of rain fell and continued to fall during the 28-8 victory over the Patriots! Far to much moisture to bring the camera out to the game. Its a good thing we started to pick pumpkins with all this rain it may be a while til we are back in the garden. The boyz did an excellent job rushing for over 200 yards in the rain. We did have a problem with passing game it was hard for those receiver to get a good handle on a very wet ball! Once again the starters were pulled in the 4Th and the JV got to take the field. Were was the rain this summer?