Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Another Great Weekend of Wrestling

The Raiders went 3-1 this weekend at our own tourney. Tonight we host Maple River in a conference dual. Then Thursday we travel to power house LCWM to dual with the knights. Then Saturday we are back to a full tourney with another 6 teams. Tabor went 3-1 for the day, Tanner 3-1 and Dalton 2-2.

Friday, January 21, 2011

At the GYM

Okay I know its been awhile! Well if we are not in a gym watching wrestling we are snowed in at home. This crazy weather has a person thinking " WHY DO I LIVE HERE?"

The boyz have had some great wrestling matches and we have some Championship medals hanging by the fire place. Last weekend we were at St.Croix HS in the cities where the boyz all placed. Dalton took 1st place and Tanner 5Th and Bubba picked up a 4Th all after competing in a 9 team tourney.

Darin is busy at work with budgets due and looking for a new assistant manager ( Mike got a transfer back to his home state of NY)

The boyz just finished up finals this week and are looking forward to celebrating "Snow Week" 1/24-1/29. In fact Tabor is one of three boys up for Snow King.

As for myself I'm finally in a walking boot making several trips to town a week having PT. Still needing crutches and walker. They told me this week it will be at least another month.

I've been sorting some photos the boyz took during Christmas and found these of Khloe and Dalton playing in the tent and tube.

Okay I better get to bed.... we are back at the gym for more wrestling by 7:30 am for our own Raider Rumble tourney.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Big Night for Raider Wrestling

We traveled to Woodbury last night and had some great surprises! Who knew that Hans was the head wrestling coach for Eastridge? Kim & Fiona came down the bleachers to surprise us! Oh she is the cutest baby girl and I got to hold her most of the night. Love her thick hair, Jackie I hope you enjoy her video saying hello! The Raiders were spot on last night. PIN,PIN,PIN. We beat Edison 75-3, then Roosevelt 78-0 and ended the evening beat Eastridge 54-18. All 3 Elliott boys came away with great pins and we are already way ahead of last years wins.

This weather has been a big pain! We are getting out of school at 12noon today because of poor visibilty again. So that means hours on the phone trying to rebook all these events. So no wrestling tonight.