Tuesday, June 30, 2009

High stepping at the fair

Monday the band spent 10 plus hours at Valley Fair. They received rounds of applause and had several park goers up and moving to the beat. After we marched the kids enjoyed the rides and water park. It was a little cool but the kids had a great time and we put on many miles walking around the park. Can you believe June is gone? The summer is going so fast and we only have 3 weeks of baseball left.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sunday Night Football

Passing league was suppose to end tonight but we found out we have a play off game on Sunday the 12Th of July. The boyz did a great job tonight and the weather was perfect! Tanner caught a nice pass but I missed it on the camera. Uugg! I was too busy given high-fives instead of taking the photo. Tabor showed great hustle tonight on the field and is one of the best O-line men we have as per the coach not the bias mother. He is going to have to build up some endurance if is going to play both ends of the ball this fall. Dalton and Tamara are going to be putting on some walking shoes tomorrow as the band plays at Valley Fair. Tamara is one of the chaperone's that will go with from 9am to 9:30pm. The band will preform a couple of times then take in the rides at the park.

Nicollet Days Parade

We had a great day on Sunday putting a close on Nicollet Friendship Days for 2009. We served at a Waffle feed and enjoyed carnival rides, Demo Derby and had a very large fireworks show. Today's final celebration was a parade with 90 floats, Dalton did a great job keeping the beat on his base drum. We get a short rest then its on to the final night of passing league football at MSU. And we said our goodbyes to Roldofo who left for Paraguay today.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Mini Vacation is over

For the past couple of days I have been with out all of the boyz! The football coaches wives got together for a amazing meal at a Italian restaurant. Then the next night I met my parents for a great meal as well. I also enjoyed putting my feet up and having control of the remote! I watched all the DIY and Food Network I wanted. We finished up summer school yesterday. The last hour I have a group of 1st grade boys who all think the ELLIOTT Boyz walk on water. The boys each were drawing a picture of the Elliott boyz playing sports with them. Dalton was in charge of the playground, Tanner was wrestling and Tabor was playing football. And then the Fourth boy was drawing a picture of a garden and Tabor. Naturally I thought it was Mrs.Elliott in the garden, NOPE he said its Taboard. ( yes, he called him Taboard each of the youngsters I work with have some speech issues, plus he is so damn cute when he says it!) My mom said we don't have to plant pumpkins cuz Taboard plants them for us. So that makes me chuckle a bit then he tells me what he plants in his garden. I have a whole row of onion rings planted, hmmm I say do you mean onions? NOPE he says we plant onion rings you know the ones mom cooks and you dip in ranch. At this point I couldn't hold back the tears of laughter! Kids do say the darnest things. Dalton and Rodolfo come home this morning at 9 am YEAH!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Off to Football Camp!

Tabor was busy packing for football camp today, they leave at 12 noon for Duluth. Dalton,Tanner and Rodolfo left on Monday for wrestling camp in Morris. Tabor will ride the bus while Darin and another coach will travel to Morris to get the football players from wrestling camp. Darin will get to watch the boys in a take down competition tonight @ 6 then head for Duluth. Football camp goes until Saturday afternoon and they stay in the dorms at the U. Then upon return we have a busy weekend with our Nicollet Friendship Days celebration. The boyz have the waffle feed and march in the parade on Sunday. Any guesses what Tamara will be doing while the boys are at camp?

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Hot week of baseball

This past week the heat and humidity made for some HOT baseball games for the boyz! The boyz are starting to hit the ball a lot more. Dalton did some pitching too its getting a little hot to catch all 7 innings. Tabor had to eject a coach from Mankato the night he umped the 10 year old team in Nicollet. He's not sure if $35.00 a game is enough. Tabor had "BIG MAN" camp today at the U of M. He learned some new lifting drills and worked out with other big o-line kids from Canada, South Dakota & Wisconsin. Tanner is all jacked up to leave Monday morning for wrestling camp.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Great Trip to North Dakota!

This past weekend we went on a visit back to ND. The weather was wonderful and so were the ribs! We also got to visit with Great Grandpa & Grandma Zimney along with Great Grandma Elliott. Dalton found out that you are never to old to have Grandpa Elliott give you a ride with the lawnmower. On the way home we had a picnic lunch outside of Alexandra where we saw all kinds of wildlife.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Home Game Win!

Dalton's team got the home opener win with a score of 9-0. Tabor is the umpire for all Dalton's home games. Dalton caught all 6 innings and then played 1st base the last inning. Dalton never let anyone get on 2ND base so he did a great job. How did Tabor do when Dalton was up to bat?....... well ............as Tabor promised Dalton, Tabor ran him up on 3 strikes. WWIII started before the game at the Elliott's and will continue on till who know when. We are back at the park tonight for Tanner's team in Nicollet.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Under the Lights

Tuesday night the boyz got to play under the lights at East. Tabor and Tanner's team coached by you know who...got out to an early lead but fell short to Moose Lodge 4-6. It was a perfect night to cheer the kids on. Tabor on 1st base was hoping little brother would hit a big one but Tanner got walked. Tonight Dalton's team has the home opener if the sun comes out to dry the field.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Sunday Night Passing League

Here we go the start of Summer Football! Every Sunday night from 4 to 7:30 the boyz have a high school summer passing league for Varsity. With Tanner going into the 9Th grade he gets to join the varsity. They play 2 games on the MSU Field. We lost the first one to West and then beat Wasecca the 2ND game by 7. It was fun to watch Tabor show leadership on the field and Tanner even got a pass thrown his way. This league runs the month of June with weight lifting and practice during the week 11-2:30. So we are gone Sunday night for football, Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday and Thursday night for baseball.

Sunday night Passing League

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Way to go Dalton!

We celebrated Dalton's 6Th grade graduation on the last day of school. Dalton was elected president for the returning 7Th grade class. This class of 20 kids celebrated with potluck picnic at the park with water balloons. Wow can you believe that we have all the boyz in high school. Tanner is going to be a freshman and Tabor a Junior this fall. Time fly's by so fast! Tamara made a haul the last day of school with all types of gifts from food/candies to candles and lotions. She has a couple days off then summer school starts on Monday where she will help teach kids who struggle in reading. Mrs.Elliott is going to have the whole month of July off to take the boyz to the lake.

Monday, June 1, 2009



Tanner turns 14 today and what a year it has been. School, sports, family, friends and critters, it has been a big year for Tanner. Last summer it was wrestling camp, baseball, 1 time to the lake (boats fixed now, so should be a few more times this year) paint balling and growing. The fall took us into school, football season and hunting season. Tanner was part of the JH Knowledge bowl team, a wide receiver/running back/corner on the football team and shot a couple of pheasant and a nice doe. Winter brings us to wrestling, where Tanner wrestled very well at 103 and 112. he had several wins at 103, but a very memorable wrestling match at 112 during sectionals against a sophomore from Sibley East, where Tanner was out sized, but not out wrestled. The amount of heart and determination Tanner showed had the whole gym screaming and after the upset win, had opposing coaches shaking his hand. Then there was the addition to the family for 6 months when Rodolfo Gonzalez came from Paraguay as part of a exchange program. The Holidays were a blast and Tanner received his new snowmobile helmet, which got plenty of use and a Sooner jersey which he has wore at least once a week since. Spring had gotten Tanner back outside on the baseball diamond and he also was elected class president for next years freshman class. During the spring awards night, Tanner received his 2nd varsity letter in wrestling and also lettered in baseball. For his birthday, Tanner asked for and received a new puppy, which he has named Pete. One can only imagine what Tanner and he new pal Pete will get into this year, but you can bet Tamara will capture some of it on the blog for you.