Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Football...Here we come

Well we have the scrimmage under our belts and got the seniors together for a photo!  Tomorrow we travel way across the state to Hills Beaver Creek. Please keep these 8 boys in your prayers that we have a healthy FUN football season!  GO RAIDERS #7

Friday, August 22, 2014

Crazy busy week

Well here we go...let's see how much stuff we can do in one week!  The puppies are 3 weeks old and starting to explore and develop attitudes!  Unbelievable how their looks change everyday.  They are looking like GUS more and more everyday!
Darin and Tanner had a great (LONG) drive home from Boston but brought home LIVE Lobster and we had a sea food boil.  Grandpa and Grandma King joined us for a hot humid meal on the deck.  But it was so good!

Our one and only niece Khloe  started Kindergarten this week!   So excited to see her start school.

Tabor and Dalton we to the Vikings game on Saturday night.  They saw a great pre-season game

 Well they don't scream when you put them into a boiling pot of water but they do rub their whiskers together for this growling sound.  Next week FOOTBALL

Saturday, August 16, 2014

snap shots from Tanner's adventure home

 Historical Gettysburg

 Live lobster for a seafood boil planned for Monday Night

 Famous Hudson bridge

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Summer time

  I know long time no post!  Well we have had a wonderful Summer.........
Dalton has been to many colleges and has not come to a decided what school will be the best fit.  When he wasn't lifting and going to camps he umped many softball games and mowed lawns to make some nice cash.

Tanner was home this past weekend as he had a layover from Denver back to Boston.  He loved his internship and has learned a lot.  He will make a swing back home again on the 20th as he travels back to K-State for school.  Our country kid said it is so nice to look at a field of corn and not concrete.
Tabor loves his job in Glencoe and still lives in Winsted but keeps looking for a place that will let him have GUS.  As you can see GUS enjoyed his living arrangements with us a bit too much!  Gus loves to be on the pontoon and a swim with Darin.

Scooter gave birth to 10 very healthy puppies.  We thought she done at 6 and we cleaned everything up and checked on her and we had 8 then 10.  Two days old they had their tails and dews docked and today their eye's are just starting to open up and just like their day getting their white beard in.

Another big change for us this summer was the transition from Cargill to Ardent Mills as ConAgra and Cargill formed a new company.  The headquarters are in Denver  not too far from Otterbox which has kept me very busy at work.  Darin starts his 10th and final year of coaching football and we are going to enjoy the last 10 months of having our last son as a Raider.
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