Monday, November 30, 2009

Well today everyone was back in school and ready to move on. A lot of fun stories and memories about the past weekend. We had some exciting news today! Tabor received a letter from a college recruiter here in Minnesota. Tamara has a tendency to always complain that the O-line doesn't get enough love. Well it looks like someone was watching the line long enough to have a good look at Tabor. Another high lite was Tamara getting to hand all 3 of her son's runner up metals at the welcome home. The Boyz are taking a couple days off to heal up the bruises and then its off to wrestling practice for all 3. Yes, Bubba has made the switch to wrestling. YEAH we are going the same direction for sporting events.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

The End of a Dream Season

I would be lying if I didn't tell you it still stings a bit that we took 2ND place. But we set some great records and made even more great memories! At the start of the season the state of Minnesota had 63 - 9man teams. At the end of the Dream Season we can say there was only 1 team better than us. And how many of those teams can say they had 4 fathers who coached and 7 son's who played. Big thank you to all who cheered us on each and every week. As the days go on and our bodies & hearts heal we will post more of our Metrodome Memories.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! This year we are "Thankful" for all our family & friends and our Raider Brothers. In just one hour we will be packing up the bus and headed for practice on the Minnetonka Dome. One more game and one more win. Tabor~Tanner & Dalton

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Dome Dome Dome

This has been one amazing ride! And to think 20 years from now our boyz get to have this memory of our entire family on the turf at the metrodome. Truly a milestone they soon won't forget. They can do this ........ our RAIDER family ........lives it .........breathes it......... and knows it.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Feeling Like Home at the DOME

Words can't describe what happen today. We never gave up! Big "THANK YOU" to all our family members & friends who came to cheer us on. Even the Birthday Boy Justin came to the DOME to bring the Raiders good luck. I have a ton of photos to post of our adventure. Here is just a few to share. We are going to do it all again next Friday which by the way we are changing the name to BLUE FRIDAY!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Introducing Blue Bear

Saturday the team stopped to eat at Perkings in Owatonna around 8 am prior to our big win. Well as the boyz were finished eating they were playing the claw machine. The defense boyz thought they would take an opportunity to "get even" with Tamara. So Turbo came with this bear for her and a line of crap about how much she does for the team. Well under the bear are all of the breakfast bills! They all had a good laugh but then Tamara stops at wal-mart to get the bear a new blue ribbon and he came to the game & welcome home an he will be at the dome! Right now he is tapped to her office door for all student body to see. Could Blue bear make the local paper?

Saturday, November 14, 2009


You can do anything together! We had a escort into town tonight, Nicollet County Sheriff & Nicollet fire department along with 250 fans left the lights on the football field to welcome home our players. This has been an amazing season for us and its far from over. We took a couple of hours to celebrate with family and friends. It was a win but there is next weeks game to prepare for! Next Saturday at 8:00 we will play Ada-Borup in the dome. These good southern boyz are going to show the pig farmers from the north just how we play 9-man football. Hey, the last one to leave Nicollet Friday night please turn the lights off!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Its a good week to be a RAIDER

It is an incredible week to be a RAIDER. We are trying to enjoy every minute. The school has planned a large send off supper on Friday with a pep rally. Then its off for some quiet time just for the team at a out of the way bowling alley. The bus will pull out at 6:45 Saturday morning heading for a victory over Grand Meadow.

Slim pickn's

Well with the amount of corn still in the field made for a less than perfect deer opener. Tabor kept his streak alive and blew the head off a spike buck. We got busy and it is all in the freezer already! The season doesn't end until Sunday the 15Th at sun down. So we have some time but with football we may have to go muzzle loader hunting. We have been crazy busy with football but we are enjoying the ride.We have a ton of stuff planned this week and will try and keep everyone updated!

Friday, November 6, 2009

section 2 9-man

We are section 2 9-Man ........

CHAMPIONS!....... to the deer stand ....
Then we are headed to STATE on saturday!!!!!!!!

Can we keep going?

With the end of the quarter today the boyz have been really busy getting a lot of school work done. Last night we were in New Ulm to hand the VB girls sub-section chamipon metals. Tonight the football team has to show St.Clair who's the boss ! So we will either be heading to State or handing out a 2nd place trophy. This is our big family weekend of deer hunting so we won't be posting any updates until Tuesday sometime. Trust me a little R& R is what we need. No school on Monday so back to the grind on Tuesday with a winter sports meeting. I'll be looking for this big guy saturday morning!