Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Tabor was one of 8 students chosen from Nicollet to attend the S.T.E.M meeting in Mankato yesterday. And he was pictured on the front page of the Mankato Free Press. Well okay you have to look for him. ( Lt.Blue sweatshirt behind the engine) Tabor's buddy Nick is in the red shirt. S.T.E.M stands for Science-Technology-Engineering- Math. Hundreds of students across Minnesota traveled to Mankato to see first hand how these 4 subjects make the our world go round. This was right up Tabor's alley and can talk parts and pieces for hours.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Dalton had another basketball game tonight. A personal best he had 4 assist and only made 1 boy cry. Next year he'll need to decide if he's going to wrestle or play basketball. Dalton put up 7 points but the 5Th graders came up short. We have a game Thursday night and Saturday's tournament but we had made plans to attend the Gophers Baseball team clinic at the dome.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Here at the Elliott House we have had a very busy sports week. Dalton had a folk style wrestling event on Sunday. Tabor had 3 basketball games this week and Tanner had a 2 day tournament in St. James. The boyz all did very well. Today we will be cheering 2 of our wrestlers on trying to get to the State tournament which starts on Wednesday of this week. Sunday will be our day of rest then back at it with Dalton having a basketball game on Monday and Tabor too. Looks like Mom and Dad will be traveling in opposite directions. Only 2 weeks until Track and Baseball start.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Happy Birthday Bubba !

Wow it's had to believe that Tabor William Elliott turns 15 today. Here are just a few favorite photo's of him as a young child. Tabor came into the world at 12:11 am on 2-21-93. His godmother and now guardian angel Pam Swenson video taped his entrance into the world in Fargo,ND. Bobby and Nancy Zimney along with Great Grandma Elliott & Grandpa and Grandma King were just a few visitors. As you can see out little toe head has grown into a very handsome young man. As you may all ready know he has a passion for the outdoors. Some tidbits you may not know is that his favorite dressing is chunky blue cheese. He doesn't like ketcup and he records all of the Trick My Truck, Myth Busters and Dirty Jobs shows. Tabor also believes that he can fix everything and anything~ he loves power! Tabor also is the GO-TO guy in the family for all electronic stuff. His Aunt has him set up all her remotes and computer programs. He wears a size 13 shoe and is taller than his mother. Today Tabor had the basketball team over after school for lunch and ice cream. Tabor is very popular at school and is SsOOOOOO happy we moved. Luv ya Bubba!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Team wrestling came to an end for the season on Thursay night when the Raiders fell to St. James. Tanner ( red shirt) had a very hard time gaining weight to meet his 90 lbs. goal but did get to wrestle a 103 lbs sophomore . We all know how that went. As you can see Dalton (other red shirt) has gotten a lot of pointers traveling with the Varsity team. The Raiders have a very young team. 4- 7th graders 2-8th graders 1- freshmen 2- 10th graders and we will graduate 2 seniors. Today Dalton wrestles in St.Peter and Tanner will have another match next Saturday.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Basketball~ Basketball and more Basketball
Dalton's 5th grade team is still looking for a win. But they are getting close. Tonight Dalton lead the team in points ~steals ~rebounds and my favorite fouls. Those wrestling moves will get that whistle blew everytime. Thursday night Tabor has basketball game and Tanner and Dalton will be wrestling in St. James. Friday night we have off then on Saturday we are back on the road with all three in different locations.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Basketball is winding down with a little less than a month left. Yesterday Tabor played in an old Catholic School in New Ulm. Not the best lighting or seats but it was a good reminder of all the North Dakota Gyms we played in back when the boyz were at C-T.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

We spent Super Bowl Sunday doing some work around the house. Dalton got a new shelf in his room to put his wrestling trophies on. Dalton only has 2 more weeks of wrestling left.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Dalton had to switch gears this Saturday ~ 5Th grade basketball started with a game at home. All the kids had a great time. Dalton #12 had to guard a very tall boy from Cleveland. Darin ran the score board you can see him in the back ground. Dalton had a great night wrestling on Friday at JWP getting another pin and placing 3rd.