Thursday, January 31, 2008

The boyz have been having a great time for Snow week despite that cold weather. Each day has been a dress up and Thursday is class color day. So we have Tabor going orange~ Tanner red and Dalton purple. Tanner went as the Fonz one day and if he told anyone else to SIT ON IT we were diffently going to sit on him. Tabor's team only had one game cancelled due to the wind chill on Tuesday but had a great game Monday night aginst SleeyEye. He's still getting use to using a knee brace but we'll see how it goes Friday night when we host Madelia.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Snow week started today at NHS. Tanner was voted Snow Prince of the 7Th grade class. And he was the Ham up on stage everyone yelling Sooner~ Sooner and naturally he worked the crowd.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Another busy weekend of sports. Friday night Tabor had a basket ball game in town. Tabor has lead the team this week in rebounds and scored 6 points. Tanner had a close match on Saturday in Maple River. He lost 10 to 8 in over time period. This week the boyz are busy with Snow Week festivities. Tanner was chosen for the royal court, Tabor has been making T-shirts for his classmates. We'll end the week with a Basketball game on Friday night and a dance. Dalton has a wrestling tour. on Friday night and a 5Th grade basketball game on Saturday morning.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Dalton had a great day on the Mat ! He got his 1st PIN~ he ended up taking 2ND in the tournament. The boyz have made such great improvement it's getting addicting to watch.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

We had a busy day of wrestling 9 to 5 at gym today. Tanner made weight thanks to his teammates. And no you don't want to know how. He did an amazing job and will letter this year for Varsity. He had one win by forfeit. Family day for the Elliott's... Dalton was time keeper for the matches and Tabor and his basketball buddies ran the concession stand. Off to watch the Mavericks take on the Sioux in hockey then its more wrestling for Dalton on Sunday.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

The boyz each got their sports photo's back today. It's hard to believe we only have 6weeks left of winter sports. Dalton is also pictured in Tanner's team, he has been practicing with the team for 3 weeks now.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

We had another great night of basket ball and pep band. Tanner's ( purple horn top row) pep band rocked out between the games and at half time. And Tabor #52 had his best game played not getting 1 foul. Came up elbows swinging every time. Coach told Darin that Tabor is the best hockey player on the team. Speaking of hockey only a few days until the Sioux come to town for a 2 game shoot out with the Maverick's( Mankato State Unv. ) and we have seats for both days. Sorry N.D. we've been here long enough we'll be wearing purple and gold.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Hello Tanner did you not know that that tree has branches? With no sporting events to travel to on Sunday the boyz took full advantage to enjoy the 2 new to us snowmobiles we got this week. They had a great time and even took turns putting on over 100 miles today. Even Mom got on and road a hot lap around the yard. We sure hope mother nature brings us more snow the fields are getting a little rough.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

The boyz have has us on the GO with many great evenings of sports, Thursday night we watched Tabor #53 play on the B-Squad team pull a victory over Cleveland. Then on Friday during the day Tabor and Tanner attended Knowledge Bowl State academic challenge and Nicollet finished 20Th in the State. Friday evening we headed to Prior Lake where Tanner and Dalton wrestled and got 4Th and 3rd. ON Saturday Tanner's team wrestled in Nor wood-Young America, Tanner is making such progress every time he goes to the mat. On Saturday he wrestled 8Th graders that had 20lbs. on him. Saturday he weighed in at 87 lbs. and wrestled in the 103 class. And we closed out the week today with Dalton having a tour. in Le Center. Dalton scored his 1st major win and claimed 2ND for the day. Monday we'll be in Gaylord with basketball for Tabor. He also has games in Nicollet on Tuesday night and Friday in Madelia~ Mom and Dad are becoming " ROAD WARRIORS"

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

With Christmas behind and all the busy holiday basketball games done and WON. We decided to let 2007 go doing what out family enjoys best...... one last day pheasant hunting. Mom brought the new camera along to capture that last memories of 2007. They Canby farm was filled with does and this time of year they have very dark fur. And why don't they come that close during deer season one will never know. Blue was spot on flushing the birds out now if we can just train her to tell the difference between hens and roosters. Tanner caught a bird in Grandpa's tractor and Dalton gave snowboarding a try off the back of the trailer. Only 10 more months until pheasant season opens again. Goodbye 2007........... Hello 2008