Thursday, September 29, 2011


FOOTBALL...... really is there anything else that is going on in the world?

Things have been very busy the last couple of weeks. Dalton had to step up and is now QB1 for the Raiders. Last Friday night he threw for 293 yards and had 5 touchdowns. ( yes he is only 14) Our BULL, Tanner averages 10 yards a carry. And knows this is his week to have some break out TD's. It's fun to see him be right there to protect his bro. And Tabor is having a great time at college and will be seeing some time at guard. Wow and is coming home this weekend for a short visit.

Just trying to keep it all straight and moving forward is a challenge! But very happy to report all the boyz are getting A's and B's. This weekend we have another BIG road trip to Hills Beaver Creek. Which by the way is only 10 miles from Sioux Falls,SD. Then we will spend the night ans watch Tabor play in Worthington on Saturday at 1:30.

Raiders are 4-0

Ridgewater is 3-2

Mileage on the garmin reads 3,452 miles and we are only half way into the season.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Ridgewater Warriors

Wow what a great weekend of Football!

This weekend we covered the state of Minnesota. Down to the Iowa boarder on Friday for a win over the Mustangs of Granada. The Raiders are 2-0 for the season and have Madelia Friday night for our homecoming game. Then Saturday morning we were headed to Ely which is just south of the Canadian boarder. Where the Warriors went to 2-1 with a win over the Ironmen. Yes was a lot of traveling in the van but well worth it! All three boyz are consistently improving week after week. Both will face very tough competition this next week. Keep praying everyone stays healthy!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

R U Ready for some football?

Okay I know its been a very long time since the last post but we have logged over 1900 miles in a car running with the kids. Tabor has been at college now for a month and loving it! Yeah! Likes his professors and is learning a lot. The Warriors have 2 games under their belts and are 1-1 so far this season. So excited to see him healthy and wearing old #58 again this year. He is heading in the right direction to have a great year! Next week we make the trip to Ely.

Tanner already has 2 touchdowns and a 2pt conversion in the Raiders first game of the year when we defeated Cleavland 50-27 last Thursday evening. Ready to start school on Tuesday as a Jr taking 3 college courses. And if you haven't seen Tanner in awhile you can tell he was in the weight room for all of the summer.

Dalton is very fortunate and as a freshmen this year played in the 1st quarter in the varsity game and is QB#2 for the Raiders! During the scrimmage he threw 3 td passes for 40 yds each. Dalton this year will be the back up to anyone who needs to come out to get a break. As always we need to keep everyone healthy! Our 9man team only has 18 boys who need to be ready to play at all times!

Darin continues to coach the O-line for the Raiders and has been traveling a lot for Cargill. Next week is the recognition trip for our Horizon Milling Division. So excited to go for a few days to South Carolina! Its homecoming week here at Nicollet and at Ridgewater so we are going for 3 days so we fly back in on Friday afternoon. So another typical weekend is we wear Raider Blue on Friday nights and then on Saturday we make the switch to red and black.