Monday, January 25, 2010

Minnesota Weather

What is with this crazy weather? Over the weekend we received over an inch of rain yes, rain! Then the rain turned into freezing rain making a mess of the yard and the trees. Then to top it off a blizzard out of no where. So that means no ice fishing and no wrestling practice, a family that has cabin fever but.......a killer game of Wii Golf. Only two months and two weeks until we are in the garden, oh please tell me it is going to warm up and soon.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

PT update

Well Dalton survived the first day of PT on his knee. He must had over did the workout. The knee was pretty swollen and a bit sore to touch. So he is going to take it slow and easy. The wrestling team is trying to find some pool time and that should help with conditioning. Busy week planning the big VIKING FEAST! All the elementry kids at school are all wearing #4, come Monday Mrs.Elliott is going to school wearing #4!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Injury Report

It's one of those things ............. You don't expect your kid to get hurt. Well Dalton had some bad luck on Saturday. While he was wrestling for 3rd place he his opponent fell back on his knee. So after spending the entire day going from one Dr. to the next they were finally able to tell that there was nothing tore or ripped! WHAT A RELIEF! So he starts physical therapy today, three times a week for 3 weeks. The therapist will determine when he is able to return back to the mat. He has a sleeve that covers 60% of his leg that helps keep the knee cap stable. I think the wrestling coach was more upset than Dalton. No ice cream for Tanner tonight he needs to cut 4lbs and wrestle 112.

Sunday, January 17, 2010


Yesterday we spent the entire day in St.Paul at St.Croix High School wrestling. Raiders came out ready to wrestle. It has been such a great time to see all of them improve so much. Every Elliott boy got big wins and some BIGGER pins! Bubba was able to pick up a 285lbs kid and toss him to the mat like a rag doll! Tanner has developed the best shoot and take down that we have seen in Nicollet in a very long time. Dalton took a hard loss of 8-9 and wrestled his way back for a chance at a medal. We took 4Th place out of 10 teams in the tournament. The Raiders head to Mapleton to wrestle a Tri-Meet with BEA(blue earth area schools) on Tuesday the 19Th. Then is our home tourney on Saturday the 23rd. the week the boyz will head to Mankato West to get in some extra practice time with the Varsity wrestlers at West High.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Team!

How cool is this poster? The wrestling team is taking a personal day off from practice to do a little team building! They are headed to go bowling after school and just let loose a little bit. No pop or pizza of course. Too Cool

Pigeon problem at the Mill

Pigeons and a flour mill are like peanut butter and jelly. They just go hand and hand. Recently Darin had an audit at the mill to find pigeon parts on the roof top of the mill. Well after some investigation they found the culprit. This falcon has been helping out the the pigeon problem. Darin sent out the following e-mail:

"For those of you that wonder why we keep finding pigeon parts around the
outside of the building, we have photo evidence of the culprit. In the
2ND photo on the far right side of the picture you can see the pigeons
on the kice filter that the falcon is watching. Just need to figure out
how to find a falcon that will eat the entire bird so we don't have to
pick up wings and feet."

The flour mill is located on the River will a cool view of the city of Mankato but it is a little HIGH for me to go up and take photo's.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Winter Fun!

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Back to the Mat

Saturday we headed to Norwood Young America for a wrestling tournament. The boyz did a great job and show big improvement every time they head to the mat.

Tanner was wrestling with an injury. We have made two trips to Urgent Care and saw and ear specialist on Thursday. He damaged the cartilage in his ear and we have a few stitches & some packing. Still smarts a little bit but the packing will be taken off on Monday when we go back to the specialist. Dr. Luo is used to working on wrestlers he trained with Iowa State wrestlers for 2 years.

Dalton continues to get tossed in with the older group and lost to a 10Th grader by one point. But he battled back each time. He is so committed to his sport and his teammates the coaches are so amazed how much he has matured. (thank you football)

Tabor finally admitted it!! He's having fun wrestling. He is so under weight to wrestle at heavy weight. He weighs in right at 200lbs and most guys he wrestles weigh over 275lbs. He was the only Raider wrestler who would "shoot" during the 1st period and got some take down points. But when you roll a big boy around they tend to keep rolling so he's learning to stop his motion to keep them in a head lock.

A busy week of sports is headed our way along with the warm up! ALL RIGHT we will be all running around with sweatshirts instead of many layers.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Ready for the DEEP Freeze!

With temps dipping below zero each day we took advantage of the last day of holiday break to haul some more wood. About this time of year the boyz get a little tired of handing the wood so many time. They haul it into the truck...then truck to the house.....then unload the truck...... then haul it into the house then into the fireplace. This stack in the garage will last us about 2.5 weeks but it it doesn't warm up soon it will be gone quicker! Back to school on Monday

Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year's Eve

We headed to ND to celebrate New Year's Eve with Grandpa
& Grandma Elliott. We enjoyed a wonderful seafood boil
and a good time was had by all!